Quality - Quality is what we do
  • We aim to source, produce, serve and deliver only products and services which are considered value whilst maintaining the highest standards.

  • Only the freshest ingredients make it into our dishes.

  • Making good food accessible to all.

  • Good manners, respect and a non judgemental attitude.

Humility and Integrity - We act with integrity
  • We actively encourage suggestions and ideas from our customers.

  • Aware of our capabilities and know our boundaries


Family orientated - Tita IS family!
  • Our customers are considered our family and are treated as such.

  • We care about our customers’ needs and well-being and therefore will always aim to provide a holistic service.


Diversity - Something for Everyone
  • We harness diversity at the heart of our business, from the products we create to the suppliers and customers we work with.


Creativity - We embody creativity
  • We aim to be creative with our ingredients, pushing boundaries within our skills pool to provide fresh new and exciting dishes.

  • Continually working on new concepts, ideas, practices and procedures to grow the business in line with our customer’s needs.

  • Learning and development through food.

Simplicity - Simplicity is the name of the game
  • Many of our dishes are made using a simple selection of ingredients that contribute to our unique Tita taste.

  • We believe that that good food can be simple.

  • We work with you on a one to one basis, eliminating timely processes and procedures.


Here at Tita, we cater for various dietary requirements, so whether you are looking for wheat, dairy or gluten-free dishes, you’ll find something delicious without compromising your needs.

Please note some dishes can only be produced in an on-site kitchen.

* Produced in a kitchen that handles nuts.        07748 316 102

'Out  of Many 

One Pot'

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Feel free to contact us to create the menu for your private party, corporate event or pop-up restaurant. You can enter your contact details and message using the form below. You can call or email us, too!