Our Canapes are perfect for meetings, social events and for welcoming your guests.

Minimum 3 canapes per gust 

Delivery fee's apply.




Duck Confit Crostini
Tita Cocktail Patties
beef; vegetarian; chicken
£1. 40
Mini Yorkshire pudding
Pulled Jerk Sliders
Mini burgers filling options, chicken, lamb, vegetarian
Jerk Skewers
choices of Chicken, Lamb lettuce cherry tomato, grilled pineapple, spicy tom-tom dip
Ackee & Pancetta Bouchee
roasted red pepper confit, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley £1.65
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Red Herring Salad
on Melba toast, trio salad
pickled chili pepper £1.65
Saltfish Terrine
spring onion, chili pepper, lemon £1.75
Jerk King Prawns
avocado skewers £1.75
Spicy Cure Cod Fritter Balls
rocket leaf, sesame seeds, sweet balsamic / sweet chili dip £1.45
Smoked Salmon Moussline
toasted rye bread, chives £1.65
Prawns Tostones Cup
ripe plantain, avocado, prawn salad £1.90
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Spicy Cauliflower Balls
seasoned cauliflower coated in bread crumbs, spicy red pepper puree £1.20
Vegetable Goat Cheese Pizza
handmade pizza, roasted red onions, red peppers and goat cheese £1.35
Ackee Vol-au-vent
ackee mousseline, red pepper confit, chives£1.55
Sesame Seed Avocado Skewers
avocado coated with seasoned toasted sesame seeds, cherry tomato
Callaloo Vol-au-vent
caramalised red onions to garnish £1.50
Spilt Baby Potatoe
egg mayonnaise, watercress £1.10
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Fruit Tartlets
hand made pastry, vanilla chantilly cream and seasonal fruits and berries
Franipange Tarlet
roasted crushed pistachio, fudge cube £1.75
Mini Banoffee Pie
handmade pastry case, chocolate ganache, banana chantilly cream, drizzled toffee ,chocolate shaving £1.75
Lemon Drizzle Bites
apricot glaze, lemon fondant icing, lemon wedges
Orange & Carrot Cake Bites
Glazed Chocolate Browni
guava chantilly, seasonal berries raspberry £1.65
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Here at Tita, we cater for various dietary requirements, so whether you are looking for wheat, dairy or gluten-free dishes, you’ll find something delicious without compromising your needs.

Please note some dishes can only be produced in an on-site kitchen.

* Produced in a kitchen that handles nuts.

info@titaworldcuisine.uk        07748 316 102

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